Welcome To Supreme ICT

Supreme ICT was founded provide high quality ICT Support and Services to Primary Schools throughout the UK. Our staff are technology ambassadors: highly skilled, passionate experts who are enthusiastic about bringing ICT benefits to our clients in the education sector.

Our services include workstation and laptop support and management of servers, networks and firewalls. Our consultants can also create cost-effective strategies for ICT solutions including server upgrades, virtual private networks, VoIP, remote working solutions and upgrades of hardware and software.

We pride ourselves on providing you the best service, all the time. We’re dedicated to client-focused service, with close attention paid to the individual needs of your school. This includes our commitment to keep all aspects of our service-from our tech support to our consultancy to our pricing structure-understandable and jargon-free. You can count on us to keep things simple. This makes us the right choice for your school.