Want to find out how well you are using ICT in your school or do you need some advice on how to utilise ICT better? Why not organise a FREE ICT audit with one of our Schools Services Teams.

Each session should last no longer than 1 Hour and we will be able to provide you with a report of our findings.

For a small fee, we can also organise a more detailed audit of your ICT whereby an engineer will spend 1 day auditing your ICT.

During this detailed audit we will:

  • Review the way you currently use ICT including any current software and ICT tools.
  • Review your use of newer technologies such as VOIP, Hosted Solutions and Wireless Technology
  • Review your current cost outlay for hardware and software purchases
  • Review your teams use and understanding of ICT
  • Review how well you apply ICT mobility procedures
  • Review how well your school’s use of ICT meets with the current curriculum
  • Check to ensure that your school’s network is safe and secure from any external threats.
  • Fix any issues you may have

You can use this information immediately to start getting the best out of your ICT and also to implement better ICT strategies for your school.